• Social media trading signals
  • Price prediction AI modeling
  • Real-time social media data ingestion
  • Mobile apps on actionable data
  • Trading pricing VS Sentiment change
  • Pricing data and social media sentiment corelation
  • Price prediction analytics

Use case

CoinSent brings you the most straightforward and cleanest way of viewing two different information feeds simultaneously and provides the insight into the current state of mind of the cryptocurrency market. Create your correlation, share it with a community, catch the uncatchable and trace the untraceable behavior of cryptocurrency market.


Network operations

…could identify network
bottlenecks in real-time for
faster resoluton


…could analyse social media followers in real-time and
combine that with the profile
for delivering promotional or
retention offers

Customer service representatives

…could offer personalized
price promotion in real-time

Business analyst

…could analyse social
media buzz for the new
services/tarifs/packages/mobile devices offerings to
gauge initial success and
needed corrections

Business development

…could find new
mechanisms to monetize
network traffic and
therefore partner with
relevant content providers

Executive leaders

…could get real-time reports
and analysis based on data
inside as well as outside the
company (web, social….)



Social media on retail

Monitoring of social media data combining each individual retailer on particular market.

Retail trends

Topic extract and trend analysis on social media data.

Use cases

  • Pinpoint customers who will likely buy
  • Creating predictive models of trends
  • Predicting areas with greatest demand
  • Price optimization
  • Cross sale & Up sale
  • Smarter shopping experience



The major global hotel chain wants to provide a better customer experience by being able to identify people who stay frequently, determine where they are in their hotels and evaluate the kind of experience they are having.

The hotel wants the ability to continuously earn about customer behavior and respond when opportunities present themselves to enhance a customer’s experience.

Use cases

Smart App & Tracking Tech

To achieve better customer experience, they are using “inside” location-tracking technologies. Members of the loyalty scheme can download a smart app that can then track their experience in the hotel, giving them the ability to receive offers and giving the hotel the ability to continuously learn about customer’s behavior and respond when opportunities present themselves to enhance a customer’s experience.

Front Desk

One application is used by front desk staff. As patrons line up to check in, the staff can tell who is in the line, how long they have waited and their tier in the loyalty program.

A Gold member waiting a long time might trigger extra staff being diverted to the check-in area or a visit from the manager.

Tracking & Sentiment

Another application can track which zones of the hotel its patrons visit both on their first trip and on subsequent trips. Tey might notice, for example, that patrons tend not to visit a particular restaurant on their first trip. Afer they have eaten there, however, most patrons go back. This pattern suggests that the restaurant is not easy to fnd but it is popular once patrons discover it.

So, perhaps the hotel should improve the signage! Building on this data, the hotel can track the sentiments conveyed by social media postings in particular areas. For example, a Tweet claiming “terrible meal” posted from within the restaurant probably means the hotel needs to look into quality control – and to do it fast!