Have You Heard About Big Data?  

But, Can You Use It and Benefit From It?

By using Big Data, we help you reach the unknown within your online presence and make it a simple, understandable analysis.

Social network analysis

We analyse your data in real-time. It’s fast and simple.
Influential detection, user behaviour analysis and community detection are strategic advantages for every company.
Interactive real-time analytics and visualization are the main parts of JupiterOne.
Customize your analysis and integrate it with other data.

Sentiment analysis


JupiterOne is a simplified Big Data system allowing you to analyse your presence.

We Bring You Your Reputation In Real Time and help you realise your true online status.

Machine learning

We use advance machine learning algorithm and methods to bring you high precision accuracy.

With JupiterOne analytics you can know how you really stand online and improve your online presence and sentiment.


JupiterOne machine learning models for sentiment analysis are available for english and south slavic languages (croatia, serbian).

Positive 48%
Neutral 27%
Negative 25%

Know what your customers have to say...

Topic extraction

With social media data and website data analysis to most influential topic extraction today, this week, month or maybe year.
Where Do You Fit Online?

Do You Need To Invest In Your Online Success?

What are people talking about right now?

Entity extraction

Hear what your customers have to say...

Emails, tags, numbers, dates ...