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JupiterOne Ltd. partners with many companies in different industries around the world. We have developed a modern Big Data Analytics called JupiterOne using data architecture on Hadoop unstructured database and machine learning capable for trend, sentiment and predictive analytics. One of the companies that we associate with is Inovation Park. It is a company driven by the idea of finding great technologies and bright new ideas in one place. They find the ideas: „.. exclusive. Unique. Needed in real life, every day. For better living, lower costs and less environmental footprint.“  They offer a possibility of connecting inventors with investors. Inovation Park has a large range of interests which include construction, information technology and waste management. JupiterOne is a part of information technology which turns terabytes of data into valuable information. Inovation Park is a dedicated sales and distribution partner for JupiterOne and a representative company for Southeast Asia. To be exact, they operate in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Singapore. Inovation park is a confident source, a reliable partner and an influential company.

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