About JupiterOne
Enterprise Architecture

JupiterOne uses Big Data Reference Architecture built within Crossing Technologies which addresses needs of Big Data users, and those are:

  1. Balanced and Flexible: Architectural design points for compute or I/O bound analytics since big data problems are not all the same.
  2. Easy Growth: Building block design point to start small and grow as you envolve meeting the rapidly changing demands of Big Data users.
  3. Integrated Design: High performance data ingestion to address all Big Data information requirements with options for networking and storage architectures.

JupiterOne is built to scale up according source data volume and used analytics.

JupiterOne Ltd. is a London, UK based company serving world markets in advanced Big Data Analytics. Jupiter One is using data architecture on Hadoop unstructured database and machine learning capabale for trend, sentiment and predictive analytics.

JupiterOne is a project of Crossing Technologies Ltd., a London, UK based company serving EU markets in next generation Data Integration, Data Application and Big Data Analytics solutions.

About JupiterOne features

JupiterOne utilizes Hadoop components together with built analytical modules on top to provide a proven platform for process flow optimization, incorporating necessary features like:

  • Universal data access
  • Flexible data ingestion
  • Streamlined data pipeline design and execution
  • Scalable data processing and storage
  • End-to-end data management
  • Real-time interactive queries
  • Enterprise accountability, control, and governance