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Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj


insights to action...


Create your project

Choose what to monitor online and within your enterprise data

Choose your visualisation

Create custom made, real-time dashboards or simple templates

Monitor your data

Analyse real-time dashboards and perform batch advance analysis

Define action on insights

enable your action as automated part of the project

Self Service Big Data Analytics

JupiterOne works perfectly on any screen/device you choose.

AI on social media

Sentiment analysis

Where do you fit in online?
Is your feedback positive or negative?

Topic modeling

Is your marketing strategy targeted toward your customers needs?

Entity extraction

What are the most influental hashtags ?
What names, numbers or dates are mentioned?

Social network analysis

Who is the influentor in your network?
How many communities do you have?

The possibilities are endless

Internal data corelation

Data Ingestion

Ingest data from any source including 
CRM, Billing or any other enterprise system.

Data Mapping

Prepare data using modern Data Lake concepts
and aggregate data using OLAP technology.

Machine Learning

Build your custom machine learning models or use prebuilt models embedded in JupiterOne.

Data Visualization

Use real-time big data visualizations with simple self-service drag and drop features

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